Turn the room you have into the space you need. NANDU Wall folding beds are designed to free up your valuable floor space by folding away when not required, so you can utilise the precious floor area for other purposes.

Do your beds use valuable space that could be utilised for other purposes during the day? When space is limited and you need more from your bedrooms and sleeping areas, NANDU WALL BED are the answer… Whether for a home, hotel suite, timeshare unit, or even fire stations and hospitals, NANDU Wall beds offer the perfect way to increase the usable space in your rooms.

Nandu Wall Bed, folding bed or hidden bed, is a functional furniture piece that can transform any room into a bedroom instantly. These beds utilize vertical space to store and display a bed without the obvious intrusion into valuable room space. They are the perfect addition to any room that doubles as the guest bedroom, or for smaller bedrooms that have limited floor space. Nandu Wall Bed are lowered from their vertical position when in use, and can be lifted back into the vertical position in one quick movement, creating the ease of utilizing one room for multiple purposes.

These mechanisms require no adjustment, and are concealed within the frame of the Wall Bed. Because hydraulic pistons cannot be adjusted, however, proper installation is crucial to promote the longevity of the mechanism, as piston mechanisms cannot be adjusted once installed. Determining which type of wall bed mechanism is right for you and your home can seem a difficult task but Owing to our years long expertise, we make your task simple and hassle free.